Woman Arrested After Crashing Her Car Into Headstones At Fort Logan National Cemetery

In southwest Denver at Fort Logan National Cemetery, a woman was arrested for suspected drunk driving.
While people were visiting the graves of their loved ones in honor of Memorial Day in 2021, a woman was seen side-swiping other vehicles with her car. Eventually, she began driving on the grass, where the gravestones are located. She ended up slamming her car into multiple headstones, damaging them.

Onlookers were shocked to see what was happening. Officers responded to the scene and saw that several of the headstones were ripped right out of the soil. Others were broken in half. It is unclear just how many headstones were damaged during the incident.

Douglas County Commissioner Lora Thomas was at the cemetery when the crashes happened, paying respects to her father. She tweeted about the incident, writing, "Traffic jam going to Dad’s grave at Ft Logan. There’s a car in between headstones. Saw an officer cuff a woman and walk her away. Hope no one got hurt."

Memorial Day is a day for paying respects to those who died defending our safety. Of course, that makes it a highly emotional day for so many who are struggling to cope with their losses. Thankfully, no one was injured by the vehicle.

Police arrested the driver, who has yet to be identified. She faces a DUI charge.

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