‘I’ve been waiting for you to gtfo my section’: Server shares how you’ll know when a server has been waiting for you to leave the restaurant

TikTok user Mariah (@tastyriah) is going viral for sharing insight into what your server is thinking when you ask for the bill and they already have it prepared.

In the video, Mariah acted out a scenario where a customer asked for the bill, which she had already printed. She stared at the camera with an annoyed expression while pulling the receipt out of her pocket. Mariah used the song “Awkward” by SZA to allude to the nature of the interaction.

“‘Can I get the check?’ but I pull it out of my pocket because I’ve been waiting for you to gtfo of my section,” she wrote in a text overlay.

In the comments section, Mariah shared another go-to phrase that secretly signals a server’s desire for diners to leave the table: “Whenever you’re ready — no rush.”

Users in the comments section with restaurant backgrounds voiced similar experiences and shared their personal tactics.

“Why do we all say no rush, whenever you’re ready lol? We gotta come up with a new hint for them to leave soon,” one user wrote.

“No bc I’m dropping off the check and boxes when the food comes out,” a second commented.

“I really be saying ‘here’s a box and here’s the check to save me some steps,’” another shared.

Other viewers who had not worked in the service industry reflected on the information they’d just learned.

“Bye is that what that means,” one viewer asked.

“Well I must be dumb. I actually thought it was no rush fr,” a second shared.

“These comments made me realize servers hate me,” another wrote.

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