Walmart customer checks in for pick-up order—but isn’t there when Walmart employee brings items out

A now-viral TikTok shows a Walmart worker waiting outside for a customer who was a no-show for their curbside pick-up order. Viewers say that this is a common occurrence, with many suggesting that one common mix-up could be responsible.

Text overlay on the TikTok posted by @walmart.3179 reads, “When the driver checks in but isn’t here.”

The video shows a Walmart employee standing outside alone with no customer to pick up the goods they brought outside.

Viewers speculated what could have happened based on their own experiences with curbside pick-up, suggesting that the customer might have accidentally ordered their products at a different Walmart location.

“I had a customer that was waiting on their order until I told them they weren’t in our system (wrong store),” one user wrote.

“When ya ask them three time, ‘are you sure u at the right Walmart’ they mad and be like yea then ya look at them phone. it’s said another Walmart,” another said.

Other viewers suggested that the customer may have anticipated waiting longer for an employee to emerge from the store with their order.

“Gotta check in otw since I always have to wait 30 minutes for my order,” a commenter wrote.

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