Video Shows 6-Year-Old Being Abandoned On Street By Parents Before Befriending A Stranger

Mishka Peart was driving through Queens, New York, on a Monday morning when she saw a tragic sight — a 6-year-old girl standing in the middle of a busy intersection, all by herself.
The child was holding a small trash bag filled with clothing. She looked helpless, and that's exactly what she was.

Mishka stopped to ask the little girl where she was going and where her parents were, but the girl seemed so confused. She knew her first name, but that was it. She had no identification.

"They left me," she told the kind stranger.

It was all recorded on surveillance video. As you'll see in the heartbreaking clip below, a white car comes to a slow stop in the middle of the street, then someone drops a bag out of the window.

The little girl is seen getting out of the car and waving goodbye as it drives away.

Then she's just ... left standing there.

Thankfully, Mishka happened to drive by at just the right time.

The kindhearted hero feels she was destined to pull up in her car and find the girl at that very moment. "Anyone else could have picked her up," she told CBS Local. "She could have been abused. She could have been killed. I can't imagine someone could do that to a child, let alone their own child.”

Authorities arrested the child's mother and stepfather.

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