Very Annoyed Parrot Tells Off The Family Dogs For Barking Too Much & We Can't Stop Loling

If you are a dog parent, especially a dog parent of more than one dog, you know the struggle of barking. Any movement outside, any small animal, the ringing of the doorbell, or almost any sound at all can trigger the bark fest.
My mother owns four dogs and is temporarily housing my 4-pound dog. Those dogs bark at anything and everything. Even if nobody is coming in the door but you say "Hi" as if someone is, they start barking. The cherry on top of my mom’s situation is if you don’t calm them down, all the dogs get riled up and they start fighting! It’s quite the madhouse at times.

Now, if your dog lets out a few barks, it’s not that bad, but it’s the constant barking repeatedly that tends to get on the nerves. Usually, it’s the parents who get annoyed with the barking, but a recent viral video proves that even other animals get frustrated with our fuzzy friends.

The Caters Clips YouTube channel shared a viral video of a parrot telling off the family dogs when the dogs started constantly barking. Brenda Griffiths from Mississauga, Ontario, took a video of her two dogs, Dugan and Murphy, barking at something in the background. She then shows her parrot, Otis, an African grey parrot, telling her dogs to "stop it."

Brenda, 47, bought 3-year-old Otis from a breeder and claims he is a very chatty bird. Brenda says, “Our dogs are always barking when there is a squirrel in the yard or activity at the front door.” What’s funny about this video is that it’s on more than one occasion. It seems that every time the dogs decide to start barking, Otis is right there ready to tell them to "stop it."

I’m starting to think that I need to buy my mom a parrot to calm down the everyday madness she has to deal with!

To see Otis show these dogs who wears the pants in that family, click the video!

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