‘When you don’t have time to wait for the cashier’: Dillard’s customer takes over register because employee is too slow

A TikToker says she had to take over a register at a Dillard’s department store because the cashier was too slow in a now-viral video, sparking debate in the comments.

The video posted by TikToker Shaunya Manus (@shaunyamanus) on Dec. 27 has reached over 492,000 views. In the clip, she shows several pictures of her standing next to the cashier and typing something on the register.

“When you don’t have time to wait for the cashier…so you step in and type for her,” text overlay reads.

In the comments, viewers speculated that Manus jumped in to help the cashier “spell” something.

“Oh goodness what couldn’t we spell this time,” one commenter said.

“Me yesterday when I was showing the employee how to make a gallon of paint of the color i wanted,” another wrote.

“I have had to help so many Walgreen cashiers this way too,” a third added.

In a follow-up video, Manus says she was spelling her name for the cashier while trying to open a Dillard’s department store credit card when a language barrier began to hinder the process. To speed things up, she says she offered to fill out the necessary information herself.

“She was super awesome, it was just a communication barrier,” she says in the video.

Others were more hesitant about the practice of accessing cash registers and computers as a customer and its impact on the employee who will be held accountable.

“Please don’t make this a habit, our store used to prohibit things like that and we could get in trouble for letting customers behind the counter,” one commenter said.

“No patience at all…you dont know if the clerk was on lunch, or bathroom break…smh,” another wrote.

“That poor worker,” a third added.

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