Teen Saves $5 Bills She Earned From Chores For 1 Year And It Adds Up To A Whopping Sum

When you're a teen, you learn that money is precious and doesn't grow on trees. You can spend it on anything you want until nothing is left, or you can save it for posterity or an emergency.
Every adult can agree: the restraint it takes to save money is a skill!

Fourteen-year-old Janessia is starting early. She heard what financial guru Alexa von Tobel had to say on the Rachael Ray Show last year: If you save $5 a week, you'll surely have a substantial stash after just one year.

So Janessia got to work and saved all the chore and birthday money she earned over the course of the year. She went back to the Rachael Ray Show with her stash and told the host that she estimated the stack of $5 bills amounted to roughly $200.

But Janessia and her mom were about to be surprised by the real sum of money they'd brought to the show. The high school student had saved up a whopping $1,400!

Thumbnail Photo: Rachael Ray Show

This story first appeared on LittleThings in April 2020.

Both she and her mom were stunned, and Mom was especially proud that her daughter was learning such an important lesson so early in life.

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