Surrogate Carries Twins For Couple But Learns One Of The Babies Is Biologically Hers

Jessica Allen, 31, and her partner, Wardell, already had two kids when she decided to become a surrogate.
A story originally reported by Jane Ridley from the New York Post describes how Jessica was matched with the Liu family from China. In return for carrying the couple's baby, Jessica was set to receive $30,000, which would allow her to be a stay-at-home mom and save money for a new home, all while helping another couple grow their family. After undergoing IVF treatments in April 2016, Jessica learned she was pregnant with the Lius' baby. Weeks later, she learned it was twins! Doctors said the transferred embryo split in two, and the twins were identical. Jessica gave birth to both babies via C-section, and the newborns were quickly rushed away before she could even see them — despite the fact that she was supposed to spend an hour with them before saying goodbye.

The following day, Mrs. Liu sent Jessica a photo of the twins. The surrogate mom instantly noticed how different they looked; there was no way they were identical.

As the weeks passed, Mrs. Liu grew more and more concerned about the staggering physical differences between the newborns. Then came the DNA test.

In a stunning twist, it turned out that while one baby biologically belonged to the Liu family, the other baby biologically belonged to Jessica and Wardell! Say what?!

An extremely rare pregnancy phenomenon had occurred, and Jessica soon found herself fighting for her unexpected son.

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