Scared Woman Is Trying To Escape Abusive Ex-Boyfriend When 3 Movers Put Her In Their Truck

"I think there's a hero in all of us... It just takes a certain situation."
Late one morning in October 2016, three professional movers heard something that stopped them in their tracks.

Josh, Cody, and Mike, who work for the Wisdom Moving Company in Chicago, had their truck parked in an alley. While in the process of moving boxes, they heard the sound of screaming coming from the side of the building.

All of the sudden, a frantic woman ran right up to the back of their truck. "I need a cell phone," she cried. "I need to call the police right now!"

That's when the frightening truth emerged. The woman's ex-boyfriend had shown up to the nearby dentist's office where she worked. She could tell he was acting erratically, but when she saw him pull out a gun and threaten her, she fled outside to the back alley, where she came face-to-face with the trio of movers.

The three quickly snapped into action. They turned their moving van — and the stacks of boxes inside — into a safe haven for the terrified woman.

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Please call The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) if you or anyone you know is experiencing abuse.

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