‘I don’t want any restaurant measuring my wine THIS closely’: Customer catches server measuring wine

The average bar profits anywhere from 78-80% per drink, and that number can be much higher depending on whether or not a table orders bottle service or if you’re frequenting a more exclusive establishment that upcharges for its alcohol.

So it’s understandable why TikToker @mrs.allpinkeverything would call out a bartender at Nobu’s Scottsdale, Ariz. location for paying such close attention to the measurement of wine they were pouring for her.

In the text overlay on the clip that shows the bartender carefully examining the glass that they’re pouring into, the TikToker writes, “I don’t want any restaurant measuring my wine THIS closely”

A caption for the video reads, “not an ounce more. i’m at the wrong restaurant. I need you to be a bit more careless when you’re pouring my glass of wine!”

Nobu is regarded as “the world’s most recognized & acclaimed Japanese restaurant” with prices that purportedly match its lofty reputation. Specialty cocktails at the Scottsdale location range from $17-$19 each, with glasses of wine going from $15 to $80 depending on the brand the customer orders. Its extensive liquor menu contains a variety of Japanese whiskeys, Sake, and other beverages

In the comments, some viewers defended the Nobu employee.

One user said that they may have been new and wanted to ensure that they were getting the correct measurement, while another speculated that the method could have been an initiative influenced by an overbearing manager. Some remarked that they were just ensuring the amounts were the same in the event that a customer complained about getting less than another diner.

“I just want them to be even so no one complains lol if they’re free pouring he’s not measuring tho other places use a carafe,” one viewer reasoned.

However, there were others who agreed with @mrs.allpinkeverything, stating that they would’ve been miffed if they saw their bartender treating the bottle as if it was from their own private collection of alcohol. “Must be his own personal bottle,” one commenter wrote, to which the TikToker responded with, “Right! The way he was making sure not to pour an ounce more!”

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