Priscilla Presley Is Reportedly Fighting To Keep Lisa Marie's Ex-Husband Out Of Her Estate

Lisa Marie Presley's family is still mourning her unexpected death, and it appears that a legal battle over her estate might be looming.
Radar has reported that Priscilla Presley could be preparing to face off against Lisa Marie's ex-husband Michael Lockwood. Lisa Marie shared twin daughters, Harper and Finley, with Michael.

The outlet reports that at the time of her death, Lisa Marie was still a partial owner of Graceland and had an interest in her father's estate. She was also the head of a $65 million trust.

Lockwood is said to be interested in that trust. A source told the outlet, "Michael is looking to be named executor of his daughters’ trust and finances to gain control of millions in cash."

However, Lisa Marie's mother isn't especially interested in that idea. The source continued, "But Priscilla believes this is Presley money — and she’ll fight tooth and nail to keep his hands off it!"

Lisa Marie had reportedly agreed to pay Michael $6,000 a month in spousal support ahead of her death. Michael is said to believe that an anticipated tell-all memoir and the 2022 movie Elvis had benefited Lisa Marie financially, and she agreed to the deal to avoid another trial.

Michael is also expected to gain 100% custody of Finley and Harper. At the time of her death, Lisa Marie had 60% custody of the girls, while Michael was awarded 40%.

It is not anticipated that Priscilla will fight for custodial rights of the twins, but she is reportedly seeking court-ordered visitation rights. The girls lived with Priscilla for a time as her parents battled in court over the years.

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