Peta Murgatroyd And Maks Chmerkovskiy Overjoyed As They Announce 2nd Pregnancy

Peta Murgatroyd And Maks Chmerkovskiy are pretty thrilled at the moment. The couple just announced they are expecting their second baby.
After suffering through multiple miscarriages, the dancers couldn't be any more overjoyed to share the news.

The news comes months after Peta opened up about her fertility journey, inclduing three devastating miscarriages.

She opened up in a People exclusive about getting pregnant once again. "All natural, it happened," the 36-year-old said. "I didn't even know I was pregnant for so long until I was really feeling sick."

Peta also joyously shared the news on Instagram, writing that, after all the heartache, she now has a "healthy bun in the oven."

She continued, saying that she kept working up until she realized that something had changed. "I danced through Dancing with the Stars with it. I started feeling weird, started feeling a little bit sick and a little bloated and I didn't want to test for weeks."

Peta waited until she was at least six or seven weeks along to even take a test. "I think it was the fastest positive I've ever seen in my life," she said. "It just came up super quick and I was just shocked."

Peta is now about 18 weeks into her pregnancy.

She continued, saying that this pregnancy has felt quite different. "It wasn't like I jumped for joy and I shouted from the rooftops, 'Oh my God, I'm pregnant. Yay!' It was more like a, 'Okay, well let's see what happens because I've been through this four other times, and it hasn't worked.' So I was very skeptical. I didn't even tell Maks for a while."

Peta and Maks can't wait to have a sibling for their 5-year-old son, Shai. She previously opened up about the pain of seeing her son watch other kids play with their siblings.

Peta says that while her and Maks know the sex of the baby, who's due in June, they probably won't be announcing that for a while.

Peta is excited for many things, but right now, she's amped to show her belly off to the world and stop trying to hide it in baggy cloths.

"It is just a blessing at the end of the year for my family," she said, noting that her son is also thrilled. "It's just been a whirlwind. The best blessing for us, truly."

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