Man With 85 Degree Curved Spine Walks Into Chiropractor & Dr. Performs Miracle With Hands

People go to see chiropractors to treat all kinds of ailments. Many patients attend weekly appointments for help with anxiety, depression, neck pain, back pain, and various kinds of joint pain.

Joseph Cipriano, DC, has a clinic in Greenville, South Carolina, where he sees multiple patients a day. He was challenged when a patient came in with Scheuermann’s disease. The video describes it as “a childhood hereditary disease that causes wedging of the spinal vertebrae creating a hyper kyphosis in the thoracic spine with a visual 'hunchback' appearance.”

*Disclaimer: The advice on is not a substitute for consultation with a medical professional or treatment for a specific condition. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem without consulting a qualified professional. Please contact your health-care provider with questions and concerns. The Caters Clips YouTube channel shared a video showing Cipriano using a certain type of technique to help the patient with the hunchback condition. At the beginning of the video, you see the doctor strapping on what is called a Y-strap around the patient's neck and head, allowing the doctor to pull upward.

The doctor then pulls a little harder, causing the strap to come undone. It honestly looks very painful, but the relieved “Oh wow” expression that comes out of the patient's mouth doesn’t sound like a painful response.

The patient is then interviewed and goes into detail about the pain that he has been going through. Not only has his condition been causing him pain, but it also makes him feel sick, which makes it difficult to get through his days.

He has been dealing with this pain and discomfort for almost 30 years but only recently was diagnosed with Scheuermann’s disease. When he went in to get checked out, he discovered that he had an 85-degree curve in his back.

He then stands up to show the apparent curve in his back. When he bends over, you can clearly see the hump that has formed at the top of his back, causing him discomfort.

Viewers then get to see the doctor perform his chiropractic specialties on the patient. After the doctor is done, the patient sits up, and we see the hump in his back practically gone. When the patient stands up, you can see the instant relief he feels from his huge smile.

To see Cipriano perform his amazing skills, click the video!

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