‘It’s Really Not Funny. It’s Scary Asf’: Maintenance Men Walk In On Resident While She’s Naked In Her Apartment

A TikToker’s viral clip of two maintenance men entering her home while she was naked sparked debate, marking yet another instance in which repair workers entering a house unannounced has trended on the app.

TikToker Ally B (@allkbergin) uploaded doorbell camera footage of the maintenance men knocking on her front door as a dog inside the unit barks. After not hearing a response they opened the door to her home and Ally screamed inside.

Both maintenance workers audibly gasped, shut the door, and backed away. The end of the clip showed them walking off-camera and away from the front door.

Ally wrote in the caption, “Not my maintenance men accidentally walking in on me butt a$$ naked.”

In the comments, Ally laughed at the incident while acknowledging how frightening it was.

One viewer wrote, “ally this is so funny!!! but the look on their face.” Ally replied, “I KNOW” with a laughing and crying emoji.

Another user suggested that Ally should invest in an additional indoor lock that cannot be accessed by someone even if they have a key, writing, “Girl I’d invest in one of those indoor locks that you can put on your door! I’m so sorry this happened to you! How scary!!”

Ally responded, “Honestly I’m going to because it was scary! Thank you.”

While some found the reactions of the maintenance men humorous, several commenters pointed out that these situations, especially for people who are living alone, are truly frightening.

One user said, “I’ve had this happen multiple times, it’s really not funny. it’s scary asf and should be illegal for them to come in if no one answers.”

There are a number of documented cases of maintenance workers using their access to people’s homes to either spy on them, assault them, or burglarize them. In 2019, Oscar Martinez was arrested for planting a camera in a Hawthorne, NJ woman’s home. He was hired by the newly-opened apartment complex’s building management to perform maintenance work on the property.

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