Little Girl Cuts Off 40 Inches Of Hair Against Her Stepmom's Wishes In Order To Save Dog

Even though children need our guidance and care making their way through this messy thing called life, it’s vital to remember the importance of their bodily autonomy and making their own choices when it comes to things like clothes and even when they cut their hair.
This video story posted to Facebook Watch by Fabiosa Daily tells of a little girl who cut off her extra-long tresses to help save a three-legged dog, even though her stepmother was adamant that she shouldn’t.

The girl’s stepmom, Liz, didn't want her to think about cutting off her long locks because she was afraid her stepdaughter would regret it. The video story explains that the girl was actually a child model and did professional shampoo ads and made her stepmom money in that way.

But the girl found herself feeling completely sick of doing photo shoots and wanted to be able to use her hair to help save a life.

One day she went to a salon to prep for a shoot and was met with a three-legged dog who needed her help. She felt in her bones that it was the right time to cut off her hair, because in the end the money could be used to get the dog a prosthetic leg.

The little girl’s dad worked quite a bit and she was left in Liz’s care a lot of the time. He wasn’t aware of how much his daughter actually disliked having super-long hair. Plus, Liz would lie to her husband all of the time and use the money that her stepdaughter earned from photo shoots for meaningless shopping excursions.

Check out the video adaptation of this heartwarming story to find out what happened with the stepmom when the young girl finally cut off her extra-long locks.

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