Jamie Lee Curtis, Michelle Yeoh's Biggest Fan Girl, Can Teach Us About Female Sisterhood

Jamie Lee Curtis is showing her support for her friend and Everything Everywhere All at Once costar Michelle Yeoh.
Michelle just took home a Golden Globe for her performance in the film, and Jamie Lee was right there next to her, cheering her on. An image of the moment, where Jamie Lee is throwing her arms in the air and joyously yelling with her mouth wide open, quickly became a viral meme. And for good reason. The actress's support of her friend was loud, bold, and hard to miss.

It was a huge moment for the Crazy Rich Asians star. In the image, while Jamie Lee is cheering and yelling, Michelle is covering her face with her hands, simply overcome with joy. It's a stunning image that people couldn't get enough of — including Jamie Lee.

After the Golden Globes, the image was everywhere. People were sharing it far and wide because it seemed to promote the kind of love and friendship that everyone wants but often seems hard to find. It looked like a true picture of women supporting women.

It didn't miss Jamie Lee, either. She recently posted an adorable photo of herself wearing a white shirt with a photo of the moment that read "friends supporting friends."

"I'm still stunned that a moment of natural exuberance and joy, became some sort of a symbol for women supporting other women," she wrote. Jamie Lee revealed that her Everything Everywhere All at Once film family had left it outside her house as a gift.

Jamie Lee made note of the first person to share the meme, Erin Gallagher, CEO of business consulting firm Ella. "Ladies, this is your vibe for 2023: unabashed hype woman," she writes in the post. "Full on. Full out. Full force."

Her post continues, expressing how important it is to show big, loud, and over-the-top support for our fellow women. Look at Jamie Lee Curtis. "Ladies, this is your vibe for 2023. Hype. Other. Women."

Thank you, Jamie Lee. We totally got the message. So did Michelle Yeoh, who also got a T-shirt and posted it to Instagram.

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