Homeless Man Sobbing In Burger King Doesn’t Know A Stranger Put Photo Online To Save Him

Katy Hurst was going through the Burger King drive-thru in Independence, Missouri, when something caught her eye. There, through the window, was an elderly man with his head in his hand, sobbing at a table.
Katy recognized him as a homeless man she'd sometimes see around the neighborhood, but she never saw him with such a look of defeat.

Instead of driving off with her food, she quickly snapped a photo of the man and went inside the fast-food restaurant to sit down with him.

"Pops" told Katy he was sad and lonely. He had recently endured a string of hardships. At 57 years old, his body was literally breaking down. He was in constant pain and had seven broken bones he couldn't afford to treat.

At the very same moment that Katy spotted him through the window, Pops said he was praying for an angel and ready to give up on life.

Katy posted the photo of Pops and shared his story on social media — but she never expected what came next.

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