‘It Was Straight Brownish Yellow’: Guest Accuses Holiday Inn Of Trying To Serve Guests Spoiled Orange Juice

One guest at a Holiday Inn is calling out the hotel for allegedly serving rancid orange juice to guests.

In the video, which has been viewed over 2.7 million times, TikTok user Daniel Wolfe (@the_wolfepack) showed himself dumping a brownish-yellow liquid into a bathroom sink. Solid pieces remained at the bottom of the sink after the liquid was drained; they appeared to be bits of pulp.

Wolfe claimed that the liquid was spoiled orange juice served at a Holiday Inn. He revealed that he repeatedly got refills of the darkened orange juice to prevent any other visitors from drinking it.

“When the hotel serves you bad OJ. So you keep getting refills to dump it out so someone else doesn’t get sick,” he wrote in the video’s text overlay.

In the video’s caption, Wolfe wrote that “the hotel didn’t seem to care it was brown and that it tasted sour.”

In the comments section, viewers encouraged Wolfe to call or file a report with the local health department.

“Call the local health department they’ll be interested to know why a hotel is giving out brown orange juice,” one commenter wrote.

“Call the health dept since they didn’t wanna do anything about it,” another agreed. “That’s sick.”

“I would have called the health department and texted them a picture,” a third echoed.

Others users were simply disgusted with what they saw.

“It looks like somebody had a rough night at the toilet and scooped [it] out the toilet,” one commenter wrote.

“As a hotel worker who works breakfast, I apologize that is unacceptable quality,” another commented.

One commenter provided an explanation for why the orange juice may have spoiled.

“Yo I used to work in [the] kitchen [at a] hotel,” they wrote. “Was it cold? It literally looks like the juice machine wasn’t on/cooling the juice properly. Spoiled for sure!”

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