‘The final boss’: Customer tries the Panera Charged Lemonade—and falls asleep

A man ordered the infamous Charged Lemonade from Panera Bread, and something unexpected happened.

If you’re on fast-food Tok, you’ve probably seen the videos of customers’ reactions to the Charged Lemonade, which contains 390 milligrams of caffeine in a large. Many have said the drink made them feel “jittery” after consuming it. But when TikTok user @thotropica’s acquaintance tried it, he fell asleep.

In a six-second clip, which was viewed nearly 450,000 times, a man is sitting at a table as he sips his Charged Lemonade and holds a corndog. “He tried the panera 390mg of caffeine charged lemonade,” the text overlay reads. The video jumps to an empty cup, implying the man drank the whole beverage, and him asleep on the floor.

While some viewers who commented on the video claimed they were “tweaking” after consuming the drink, there were also those who resonated with the man’s experience.

“I had one and I literally passed out for 4 hours,” one commented.

“I did this without realizing it had that much caffeine and slept like a baby for 12 hours,” another stated.

“I drank 3 of these I was sluuumped,” a third agreed.

The Charged Lemonades come in three different flavors: Fuji Apple Cranberry, Strawberry Lemon Mint, and Mango Citrus. According to Panera’s website, the lemonades are “the ultimate energy drink guaranteed to charge up your day. Powered by Clean caffeine from guarana and green coffee extract. These drinks are cold, caffeinated, and so ready for summer. Plant-based and Clean with as much caffeine as our Dark Roast coffee.” (The regular-sized dark roast coffee contains 214 milligrams of caffeine.)

According to Rise Science, there are multiple reasons why caffeine might make one sleepy. People who regularly drink caffeine may develop a tolerance to it, or because caffeine makes one urinate more than the average drink, the drinker may get dehydrated, which, in turn, makes them sleepy. Another reason caffeine may make one sleepy is due to the amount of sugar in the caffeinated beverage. The drinker could be, according to Rise Science, experiencing a “sugar crash.”

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