Genius 1-Year-Old Girl Frees Herself After Grandma Accidentally Locked Her in the Car

Locking yourself out of the car has the potential to induce a certain level of panic. But locking yourself out of the car when there’s a baby inside brings a different, more heightened level of fear. Thankfully, when this very thing happened to a 19-month old in South Carolina, she was smart enough to follow her mother’s instructions and free herself.
It may sound hard to fathom, but the entire moment was caught on video and posted to TikTok. So we can all marvel at this baby’s particular genius.

The mom's grandmother pressed the wrong button, accidentally locking her great-granddaughter in the car.

Aprianna Lukie and her grandmother were visiting a cemetery to pay respects to one of their loved ones, according to Newsweek. She didn’t plan on being there long so she left the keys in the ignition.

She got out of the car to retrieve her daughter Z'Naria but her door was locked. She instructed her grandmother to unlock the door. She pressed the wrong button and locked all the car doors instead. Then she closed her door, trapping Z’Naria inside.

While her grandmother panicked, Aprianna stayed calm. Aprianna’s grandmother immediately started panicking and suggested they call for help, but the mom remained calm. Looking at her daughter, she realized there was a way out of this.

“Because the baby was strapped improperly I knew she could wiggle her way out of the car seat," Aprianna told Newsweek. "The front doors automatically open if you pull the latch. So I knew her opening the door would be easy."

Aprianna stood in the window next to her daughter’s car seat and calmly instructed her to get out, move into the front seat and pull the door handle.

Her mother's confidence was warranted. Z'Naria opened the car door easily.

Z’Naria followed the instructions to a tee and freed herself, much to her great-grandmother’s relief and her mother’s delight. After Z’Naria completed the mission, Aprianna says in the video, “My baby’s smart.”

Incredibly smart. Children her age should be able to say a few words and follow a single-step simple directive, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Listening, comprehending, and following complex instructions are not typical for a child’s Z’Naria’s age and even children older than she is.

Aprianna knew her daughter could do it based on the advanced behaviors the little one exhibits at home.

The mom had confidence in her daughter because she’s demonstrated her brilliance around their home. In a follow-up video, she says, “This little girl too smart for me.”

With the help of her chair, the toddlers turns on the heat, air, and lights. She can go in the refrigerator and bring back requested items, loves to sweep and mop, and has been potty training herself for the last two months. Absolutely brilliant.

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