Former Model Who Was Brutally Slashed On The Face Helps Other Victims 30 Years Later

This video from Inside Edition shares a former model’s hope to help other victims who have experienced similar physical and emotional trauma.
Marla Hanson is a former professional model and in 1986 her face was brutally slashed with razor blades outside a New York City bar.

As The New York Times reports, Marla received a large S-shaped slash across the whole of her face during the violent attack. Marla’s former landlord, Steven Roth, was charged with arranging the attack to take place. He had two other men slash Marla over various disputes.

“He had two men waiting for me with razor blades and … the minute I saw them I knew [that] something was off,” Marla recalls her attack to Inside Edition.

Today, at 54 years old, Marla is a victims advocate amid a slashing epidemic that’s taking place in New York City.

Amanda Lynn Morris’ life changed in an instant in January 2022 when a man came up from behind her, slashed her face, and ran away.

Another young victim of a vicious slashing, Amanda notes how she finds it hard to trust people now. In a shocking twist, it turns out that Amanda is 24 years old, which is the same age Marla was when she was attacked in the same way.

The news outlet shares a beautiful moment between the two victims in which Amanda asks Marla how exactly she was able to get back to her normal self after such a life-altering event.

To find out her answer and hear the important advice Marla gave a fellow slashing victim, watch the video from Inside Edition.

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