Family Ski Trip Ends In Tragedy When Dad Loses 2 Legs And Toddler Is Hospitalized

A father of two young girls is now a double amputee after throwing himself over his family in a tragic snow blower accident. His oldest daughter, Isla, 3, is recovering from serious injuries as well.
Dave Miln and his wife, Clare Miln, were vacationing with their two children, Isla and 1-year-old Anna, in Northern California.

They were on their way to take the girls to ski lessons at the popular Mammoth Mountain resort when a motorized snow blower collided with their family.

The Australian Defence Force veteran, who had been living in San Diego, threw himself over his children to prevent them from being pulled into the machine.

According to a GoFundMe page created for the family, the eldest daughter, Isla, still sustained serious injuries. Clare called authorities, who were quickly able to take their daughter to a hospital.

Dave, however, had to spend over an hour with both legs stuck in the machine before rescuers could free him.

The incident resulted in a double amputation, with Dave losing both legs, according to family friend Tsen Bogan.

The heroic father has a long road to recovery ahead of him. In addition to his life-altering injuries, he has many fractures and surgeries to heal from as well.

Tsen Bogan wrote on the fundraising site that Dave is still maintaining a fighting spirit: "Dave still maintains his dark sense of humor and razor-sharp wit. [He has] shown strength and resilience beyond comprehension."

Isla has also had to undergo multiple surgeries, but she is expected to make a full recovery.

"The family has banded together with positive determination for the future,” Tsen wrote.

Tsen gave a recent update on how the family is doing now, over a month since the tragic accident.

After undergoing emergency surgery, Isla is now recovering at home with litter sister Anna.

Dave is still in the hospital, but his family hopes that he will be released to recover at home soon. The family shared that they will rebuild their lives in their native Australia following this life-changing event.

The GoFundMe page now has over $94,000 Australian dollars raised for the family. According to Tsen, the funds will be used for "vehicle modifications for Dave, household equipment and modification and other bits and pieces that Dave will need in adapting to his disability."

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