‘Dear lord, if they deliver air I’m going to lose my sh*t’: Customer orders just ‘air’ from McDonald’s through DoorDash

A TikToker says that he tried to place a fake order through DoorDash to test what his driver would end up delivering.

In a video posted by TikToker Anthony (@anthonyjojola), he says that he ordered a cheeseburger through the app. He shows that he ordered his burger with no cheese, pickles, mustard, bread, ketchup, onions, meat, or salt. As of Monday, his video had over 146,000 views.

“Dear Lord, if they deliver air I’m going to lose my shit,” text overlay reads.

The end of the video shows a DoorDash driver delivering his food, but the video cuts off shortly thereafter.

“The saga comes to a close,” text overlay reads.

Altogether, Anthony’s food—which was essentially nothing—cost him a little over $2. The delivery fee, service fee, and taxes, however, brought his total to $10.

In the comments, several viewers were stunned that Anthony went through with the stunt. Anthony commented that the driver only delivered an empty box.

“No way,” the top comment on his video said.

“LMFAOOO why did you order it tho??” a second viewer wrote.

“Honestly surprised McDonald’s didn’t cancel the order,” another added.

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