‘I can see the steak, sour cream, fajita veggies, cheese’: Customer says Chipotle worker tried to gaslight her into believing store didn’t have ingredients for fajita veggie and steak quesadilla

TikTok creator Keith Lee (@keith_lee125) is known for sharing hacks and reviews on chain restaurants that his followers try out. His latest menu suggestion, a “Philly cheesesteak” quesadilla, has caused a stir online after several customers claimed they could not order it.

One user, Andrea Marchant (@andreamarchant37), tried to order the quesadilla hack, which includes adding fajita veggies and extra cheese to a steak quesadilla, but says she was turned down.

“Keith, you’re a delight, and I love your videos!” the caption of her video reads. “Here’s what happened when I tried the viral Chipotle hack.”

When Marchant began to order, she claims the young employee at the cash register stopped her with exhaustion in her voice.

“She goes ‘um, we don’t have that,’” Marchant recalls. “I said ‘this Chipotle doesn’t have tortillas, steak, sour cream, fajita, veggies…and vinaigrette?’”

Marchant explains that she could see all the ingredients right in front of her even though the employee claimed not to have any of them. After refusing to make the order a second time, the employee allegedly said, “I hate TikTok.”

According to Marchant, the employee had asked the manager if there was a secret Chipotle menu that they hadn’t trained her on.

“As it turns out, it was her first day training, not even working,” Marchant claims. “The manager said so many people have come in today and confused us with this hack and other various hacks.”

After all the confusion, Marchant decided to leave and opt for another fast-food restaurant.

“So then I felt terrible and I went to In N Out and got a burger,” she says in the clip.

Viewers of Marchant’s video echoed the online upset regarding the controversial hack.

“Get with it Chipotle….Make it a menu item already,” one user said.

“I’m floored they are refusing. Literally it’s a make-your-own bar. You can pick and choose what you want on each item on their menu. This is so wild,” another commented.

“I need to hear from a Chipotle employee on why everyone is so butthurt about people ordering this,” a third user said.

In a second video, Marchant clarified that she didn’t intend to criticize Chipotle or the employee.

“I think they’re overwhelmed by all of these hacks and it’s really hard to keep up with all of those trends so I think that’s tough on restaurants,” she explains.

As a former Starbucks employee, the TikToker says she empathizes with the Chipotle workers’ frustration. Marchant adds that she knows what it’s like to learn a bunch of menu items, and she approached the employee with nothing but kindness.

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