Carole Baskin's Ex-Husband Has Allegedly Been Found Alive And Well, Living In Costa Rica

Remember Carole Baskin of Tiger King fame, who everyone thought murdered her ex-husband and hid the body? Well, apparently he's alive and well.
Don Lewis, Baskin's ex, was reportedly found alive in Costa Rica ... a year ago. Somehow, the discovery is only just making headlines.

In November 2021, Baskin was interviewed on ITV's This Morning talk show. The 61-year-old said that her ex, who was declared legally dead in 2002, is alive. But she says she had no idea until the Tiger King sequel aired.

Wait ... what!?? If you're wondering how this is at all possible, you are definitely not alone. But according to Baskin, the Department of Homeland Security has been in touch with her ex-husband, so clearly it was known that he was not dead.

“One of the really exciting things that came out of 'Tiger King 2' is that they produced a letter from Homeland Security and it says that a special agent in charge with the FBI at Homeland Security reached out to the sheriff’s detective George (Jorge) Fernandez, which means this had to have happened after 2002, because Homeland Security wasn’t even around until 2002,” Baskin said.

“They said my husband, Don Lewis, is alive and well in Costa Rica,” she revealed. “And yet all of this drama has been made about me having something to do with his disappearance, when Homeland Security has known where he is.”

OK, we're still trying to catch up.

Baskin's ex has been "missing" since 1997. He'd be 84 if he was truly alive and well and frolicking around Costa Rica. Hopefully, that much is true. At least Carole Baskin seems to believe it is, not that anyone has believed what she has had to say in the past.

The story is wildly confusing, but so is pretty much everything associated with Tiger King. After the show, many people seemed to believe that Carole Baskin was a cold-blooded killer who had fed her husband to her big cats. She was repeatedly accused of being connected to her ex-husband's disappearance.

Baskin has continued to deny any involvement in his disappearance or death.

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