5-Year-Old Boy Swept Away In CA Floodwaters Remains Missing After 2-Day Search

As pounding rain continues to ravage California, there are bound to be tragedies. Sadly, one 5-year-old boy from Southern California remains missing after two days.

The child, Kyle Doan, went missing on January 9 after the car he and his mother were in was swept up in the floodwaters.

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release on January 10 that he “was swept away” near San Miguel. Extreme weather made the search impossible after the first five hours. Now first responders are continuing the search.

While witnesses managed to get the child's mother out of their vehicle, the little boy was swept away. The two had been driving to school when they were caught in surging floodwaters.

According to AP, first responders have found only the child's shoe.

The child has not been declared dead, but it does seem that finding him alive at this point would be some kind of miracle. “A break in the intense storms is allowing today’s search which will involve all available resources of the Sheriff’s Office including the USAR (Underwater Search and Rescue) Team and air operations,” the sheriff’s office said on January 10.

“The conditions, however, remain extremely dangerous. The water level is high and continues to be fast moving. The public is strongly cautioned not to conduct self-initiated searches and put themselves in harm’s way and become a victim requiring resources that would otherwise be used for searching.”

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