10-Year-Old WI Boy Charged As Adult In Fatal Shooting Of Mom Who Wouldn't Buy VR Headset

In an incredibly sad and bizarre story, a 10-year-old Wisconsin boy allegedly fatally shot his own mother.
The child has now been charged as an adult in the shooting, which took place at the family home in Milwaukee.

The boy told police that he killed his mother when she refused to buy him a virtual reality headset on Amazon. He also revealed that he was angry with his mother for waking him up a half-hour earlier than usual.

In another strange twist, the boy apparently purchased the virtual reality set he wanted online the day after his mother died. At first, police thought the shooting was accidental, but then the boy's family members came forward and voiced their concerns.

The child's sister reportedly told police that her brother has had "rage issues" for his whole life and that he becomes very angry and "acts out." She also noted that he'd been seeing a therapist recently.

Police questioned the boy a second time and say he admitted to killing his mother.

For more on the horrific story, watch the video.

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