‘Who Steals A Yankee Candle?’: Customer Shocked To Find A Security Tag On Their Candle

A TikToker’s video about a security tag in a Yankee Candle has sparked discussion of theft and shoplifting in retail operations overseas.

The video, posted by @gogetyamembership, shows a large security tag on the inside of a Yankee Candle jar that has to be removed by a store employee after being purchased.

“This is the most ghetto thing I’ve ever seen,” the TikToker says.

It is not immediately clear where @gogetyamembership was shopping, but many commenters suggest that the video was likely taken at Card Factory, a greeting card and gift retailer based in the United Kingdom.

The tag and its complicated removal method raised the eyebrows of viewers who didn’t quite understand the need for such a large theft deterrent on a candle.

“Do they think people are going to take the wick out or something?” one commenter questioned.

“Surely it damages the candle tho,” another noted.

Other viewers pointed out that they have seen seemingly unnecessary security tags on items at other U.K. retailers as well.

“They be security tagging CHEESE at my local Tesco,” one commenter wrote.

“They are security tagging chicken in my supermarket,” a second shared.

“Tags on milk in Tesco a few weeks ago lol,” another commented.

However, an overwhelming majority of viewers immediately understood why a Yankee Candle would need to be security tagged. Several claimed to have worked in stores that began using the anti-theft devices after multiple candle thefts.

“I used to work in a shop that sold Yankee candles and the amount that would get stolen was ridiculous,” one commenter wrote. “Nearly every day. I get this.”

“No it’s actually quite common,” a second commenter wrote. “I worked at a garden centre and the Yankee candles were always getting stolen.”

“My shop used to sell Yankee Candles and used these locks,” another shared. “You can still smell the candle. Thank god we no longer sell them the theft was daily!”

Some users even mentioned that reselling shoplifted Yankee Candles is a popular practice, and the particular fragrance that @gogetyamembership was attempting to buy seems to be regarded as one of the best.

“Tbf the one thing shop lifters are always selling are Yankee candles,” one commenter shared.

“I was a shoplifter and this was one of my faves to graft they sold so well,” another agreed.

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