Ex-Miss Croatia Makes Promise To Fans If Her Country Wins World Cup

Credit: knolldoll / instagram
The former Miss Croatia has already got a bold celebration in mind if her country wins the 2022 men's FIFA World Cup.

On December 9, Croatia was victorious in the quarter-finals after they shockingly conquered Brazil on penalty shootouts - making them one step closer to the trophy.

While the nation has made headlines throughout the tournament as the underdogs, 30-year-old model Ivana Knoll has also become a well-known figure for the nation due to her daring outfits.

Knoll - who now boasts 2.4 million Instagram followers - has now made a promise to fans that she will strip if her nation wins the World Cup, per Daily Star.
Ivana Knoll during Croatia vs Brazil. Credit: Brazil Photo Press / Alamy
According to the outlet, when the model - who was wearing the nation's flag at the time - was quizzed about how she would commemorate a historic triumph by German media, she mischievously said: "If that happens, the flag falls…"

While the soccer team has been winning on the pitch, Knoll was making a reputation for herself in the stands. However, her outfits have not been received well by people in Qatar - a strictly religious country that prefers men and women to cover up their bodies.

The former beauty contestant said that during her country's last game, she was approached by a security guard about her choice of attire - which was a skin-tight latex outfit with checked colors. She claimed that the staff prevented her from taking photos with fans.

"They don't allow the fans to take photos with me or pose for photos down here on the railing. I then asked them why they were so rude," Knoll told Bild.

According to the Independent, the model had previously claimed that - even with the host nation's strict modesty rules - authorities had given her no trouble despite her skimpy clothing.

She also told the German publication that before her encounter with security during Friday's game, her experience in the country was "great," adding: "No one has ever told me to cover up. Everyone wants photos with me, even the locals."

"Only on Twitter was there a negative reaction from a Qatari. But he probably just wanted attention," she added, referring to Mohammed Hassan Al-Jefairi, a Qatari businessman who replied to a picture of her on Twitter to explain why people take pictures of Knoll.

"Just for your info they take a photo not because they like her but because they don't like the way she is miss dressed on regards to our culture," Al-Jefairi wrote. "You can confirm this with any local Qatari. Probably to report it"
Ivana Knoll. Credit: Brazil Photo Press / Alamy
Despite criticisms online, the model - who splits her time between Croatia and the United States - said that she has changed her plans to stay in Qatar now that Croatia has advanced.

"I actually wanted to leave when the Croatians are eliminated. But now I'm definitely staying until the final, no matter who's playing there," she said.

She will undoubtedly be in attendance at the country's semi-final match against Argentina on December 13. If they win, she is one step closer to her fulfilling her brave promise.

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