‘Stay Clocked In Y’all. That’s What They Get For Choosing Profit Over Safety’: Worker Gets Stranded At Work After Manager Doesn’t Send Them Home Before Winter Storm

Just days before Christmas, a TikToker says that they were stranded at their job due to an extreme winter storm.

In the video posted by TikToker @716cargirl, they show themselves cracking open the door of their office to a powerful blizzard. Text overlay reads, “POV: THE MANAGEMENT AT MY JOB AFTER NOT SENDING US HOME BEFORE THE STORM GOT THIS BAD & NOW WE ARE STUCK HERE.”

As of Sunday morning, the video has over 5 million views.

In a second video, @716cargirl says they have food, water, blankets, and pillows. Text overlay reads, “We are staying here until it clears up or we get a break from this wind.”

In the comments, users shared stories of similar experiences they’ve had at their workplaces. A large chunk of people, though, encouraged @716cargirl to get financial restitution for the situation.

“Stay clocked in y’all. That’s what they get for choosing profit over safety,” said one viewer.

“Don’t clock out. Happened to my dad at the post office, and had to sleep overnight. They tried not paying him, but he won,” wrote a second commenter.

“#LAWSUIT,” said another user.

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