Workers Blasted For Video Confronting Balenciaga Employees

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Two men have stormed a Balenciaga store and confronted the employees in the aftermath of the recent controversy surrounding the brand.

Balenciaga faced backlash last month after sharing images that featured child models posing with teddy bears that appeared to be wearing bondage gear.

The fashion brand was advertising items for their Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023 collection, and the items of clothing included fishnets and collars with locks.

The internet is now divided after a video was posted online showing two men walking into a Balenciaga store and confronting employees about the recent scandal.

Lachlan Kavanagh posted the video to his Instagram page, with the caption: "Had to let @balenciaga employees know, if they don’t quit there [sic] jobs and stop supporting child abuse they’ll be on a one way trip to hell. We can’t let child abuse become normalised. #cancelbalenciaga."

The footage shows Lachlan with his friend Dale Farmilo entering the store, and approaching two members of staff behind the checkout. They asked them: "How do you guys feel about working for a company that openly supports child abuse? How do you feel about that?"

The employees were taken aback by the confrontation, saying that they have no comment on the matter. Behind the camera, Dale said: "I know if I was working for a company that openly endorsed this stuff, I would be looking for a new job, guys."

The duo then turned their attention to the customers, unleashing a tirade of questions and accusations upon them. One man was branded a liar after claiming he had no knowledge the brand was "involved in exploiting children".

Kavanagh and Farmilo declared the customers "cowards" before claiming what they are doing is "Christian" and that a Catholic customer should "repent and turn back to him".

The actions of the two men have divided viewers of the video, with some taking issue with their behavior. One person said: "Wow how brave of you hassling staff and customers, wow such bravery, so courage oh and a lot [sic] of attention to yourselves."

A second person defended the employees of the store by adding: "You guys are harassing retail workers that are doing their job. You guys are incredibly inappropriate."

However, some spoke out in favor of the men. One supporter said: "Awesome work don’t stop fighting," and another added: "Truth - well done."

Balenciaga has apologized for the advert and removed all of the images.

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