Woman Slammed Over 'Disrespectful' Funeral Outfit With Extreme Cut-Out Detail

A woman has left social media users stunned after revealing the "perfect" outfit to wear to a funeral.

The owner of a small British fashion boutique called EdgyLittlePieces took to TikTok to share what she claims is the best attire to wear to a funeral.

In the clip, the woman - who appears to own the business - can be seen modeling the brand's best-selling funeral dress - which is a black halter mini-dress with large cut-outs.

The form-fitting dress shows off her figure by displaying her cleavage and entire torso. It also features thin spaghetti straps crisscrossing down her neck, breasts, chest, and stomach.

Check out the TikTok below:

In the clip - which has amassed 214.1K views and 8450 views - the woman is standing in front of the mirror, showing off her apparel, and says: "So, this is our best-selling funeral fit at the minute. It's extremely modest and covered up, so it's perfect for a funeral."

After posting the video, many flabbergasted users took to the comment section to share their shocked reactions to the skimpy "funeral dress".

One stunned user wrote: "This is a joke right."

Another equally horrified one said: "I think I’d be the one in a coffin if I showed up with that on."

A third chimed in and commented: "I mean the dress is gorg but not for a funeral."

Lastly, a fourth user jested: "It's too modest it looks like she's going to church."

In another video on a second account, the owner gave a tutorial on how to wear the dress, explaining: "You can tighten it up to make it super modest for the funeral, and loosen it back down for the after-party".

The business owner reiterated the same sentiment to her followers and said that the look is suitable for the occasion despite it revealing her cleavage.

Again, users shared their outrage at the attire, with one person declaring that it is "so disrespectful."

While another shared: "Girl no just no."

While the reactions to the dresses are hilarious, it looks like the owner is seemingly having a bit of fun on her social media page to generate publicity.

On her TikTok page, she can be seen recommending revealing outfits in response to comments left by her followers. Some users ask her for the best "family-friendly outfit for grandma's birthday", a wedding guest dress, or a job interview look.

Would you guys take fashion advice from this business owner? Comment down below!

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