Mum Left Mortified After Buying Christmas Decoration Without Realising How Rude It Looks

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A woman has been left rather red-faced after buying a Christmas ornament without noticing how rude it looks before she inspected it closer at home.

Christmas is only a few days away - and those who celebrate will probably have their houses filled with Christmas decorations as the festivities grow.

Most people will opt for a Christmas tree, a bit of tinsel, and perhaps a wreath on the front door to make their home feel festive. One woman has, however, found herself with a rather peculiar decoration.

TikTok user Nic (@nic.ep79) revealed in a video that she went to a beloved bargain chain store in the UK for some decorations and purchased a wooden festive sign that reads "family."

It was when she got it home that she thought the sign looked a bit off, and upon closer inspection, she now believes the sign to be profanity.

The letter A has been replaced with a blue Christmas tree, the I appears to be a slanted present and the Y has taken on the form of a reindeer.

In the video, Nic reveals that she thought she was buying an innocent family ornament, before realizing it looks like it says "F*** my life."

The letters that have various decorations make the sign look like it's saying FML which is an abbreviation of f*** my life.

Luckily, Nic has seen the funny side of it, and others have taken to the comment section to reveal their thoughts on the peculiar decoration.

One person said: "For the way this year went, I would get a FML ornament," and a second person added: "help my mom has that."

A third person has revealed that this isn't the first time this particular decoration has caused intrigue: "I keep seeing this loads of others have been wondering the same to [sic]."

A fourth person will never be able to look at their Christmas decoration the same ever again: "OMG, I bought that and I can’t unsee it now."

Other users were a bit perplexed by the claim, stating that they could read the word family as the decoration intended... But once you see the FML it's hard to see anything else.

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