‘Wingstop, I Need You To Explain Something To Me’: Wingstop Customer Calls Out Apparent Price And Serving Discrepancies

Often, it can be unclear exactly how a restaurant calculates its prices. Some places seem to give customers a gratuitous portion for a low price, while others seem to be omitting sides or skimping out on servings while still commanding high costs.

However, this price and serving imbalance can occasionally be found in a single restaurant, as TikToker @slowamg45 recently observed after getting an order from Wingstop.

In a video with over 298,000 views, @slowamg45 shows a Wingstop order that features a sandwich, fries, a large drink, several wings, and a small container of ranch dressing. According to @slowamg45, he only paid $7.99 for the sandwich, fries, drink, and ranch, while 10 wings alone cost him $12 — and didn’t come with sauce.

“Like, what is you talking ’bout?” @slowamg45 asks in the clip.

In the comment section, some users suggested why the prices could be so different.

“I wonder if they made it cheap because they didn’t think it was going to sell like it did,” one user questioned

“Intro price. It’s a new product. Promise you it won’t stay that price long,” a second said. “I used to get a 10 piece combo for like $11 in my area.”

“Those wings add up to at least 3 chickens while one chicken can probably make like 5 patties,” another wrote.

While some claimed there was a shortage of chicken wings, this appears to no longer be the case. According to Insider, while chicken prices are still 15% higher than they were in October of 2021, prices are down from their highs earlier this year as the market responded to farm disruptions and labor shortages.

In an Instagram direct message to the Daily Dot, @slowamg45 clarifies that his main confusion was due to the lack of sauce with his wings.

“I know why the price is different,” he explains. “I was more or less confused as to why the wings don’t come with a sauce on the side, but the sandwich does.”

In the comments, many users gave @slowamg45 advice on how to optimize his Wingstop order. Some suggested ordering other items, while others advised that he should go on Monday or Tuesday when wings are cheaper. This did not resolve @slowamg45’s issues.

“It’s just like chick fil a bro,” he wrote in a comment. “Whenever i want chick fil a it’s a sunday, whenever i want wingstop ITS MAGICALLY NEVER A MONDAY OR TUESDAY.”

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