Wife Speaks Out After Firefighter Husband Dies Mysteriously On Their Cancun Vacation

It may be easy for some to write off the mysterious disappearance and death of Elijah Snow as a drunken accident. But wife Jamie Snow has a strong feeling that there was more to it.
The two were just starting their vacation in Cancun. On the first night, they went out for dinner and drinks. Elijah wanted to stay a little longer at the hotel bar, so Jamie went back upstairs. When she woke up hours later, Elijah had not returned. And not only that, but he wasn't in the hotel at all.

Elijah's body was found hanging out of a small window located in the building next door. At the time, many people assumed he got too drunk, went outside, and got lost. But based on her husband's career at the time — along with the bruises found on his body — Jamie believes a different story. She believes he left the hotel for a walk, met up with the wrong people, and was beaten to death.

Elijah was a firefighter, and he was strong and athletic and would have had a good idea of where he could fit. So already, it seems like he'd know the window would be too small for him to go through. The window was also hidden behind a slab. Being that he hadn't been in Cancun for very long, there's no way he would have been familiar with the particular architecture of that building.

But there were also bruises that indicate he may have been stomped to death. Jamie believes some of the marks that she saw on his body look like they could have come from someone's shoe.

It must be quite painful for Jamie to not know the details of what happened. It's any spouse's ultimate nightmare. Oddly enough, it seems like many local officials have been willing to write off this case, but there are plenty of clues that show that Jamie has an excellent point.

If this was an intentional murder, she has a right to seek justice.

Watch the video to hear more about how Jamie was feeling that next morning.

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