Britney Spears' Instagram Account Is Deactivated, As Fans' Fears Grow

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Britney Spears's Instagram account has been deactivated, and fans are concerned for her well-being.

Britney, 41, has vanished from the social media platform for the third time in four months, with fans being left unsure whether the star is in control of her account, per the Daily Mail.

Questions arose when the singer posted a message to her estranged sister Jamie Lynn, and some fans speculated that the complimentary post was not sent by Britney herself.

Fans of the pop star are understandably protective after the singer spent nearly 14 years in a conservatorship, which saw all aspects of her life controlled by those around her - including her father.

Britney's followers have now taken to TikTok to voice recent concerns over the singer, with some speculating that the singer could be in genuine trouble.

An account titled "Britney's not free" has taken to the video platform to claim that Britney's family and friends are creating a "charade" and that the singer could be deceased.

The account goes on to state that Britney is "definitely not out in public" and that she hopes the singer is "just locked up" as opposed to something more sinister.

Another video - posted to the platform by Barb (@fleegus159_barb) - called into question a recent clip that Britney uploaded to Instagram where she was thanking her husband Sam Ashgari for her birthday celebrations.

The video asked: "Ok I'm just gonna say it. Britney is not free. Or she's already gone. WTF IS THIS!?!?! Where is she!?!? Why does this sound like they're playing sound bits of her voice!?!? Why is she wearing her COVID EXTENSIONS!?!? Where is she!!??"

Commentators on both videos have also stated their concern, with one person saying: "Sounds like a recording of her. She’s not there. It’s actually just a video of him. I think she’s really not free. He’s controlling her now."

A second person added: "It really is so weird that she’s not out in public ANYWHERE. Unless she really is just so scared to be out there… because trauma. But omg," and a third said: "I need a live interview where I actually see her…"

We hope to see Britney safe and sound soon.

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