'Where Are His Parents?' TikTok is Up in Arms Over Toddler Terrorizing Man on Plane

When it comes to traveling with kids, parents have a lot of responsibilities to think about. You pack the luggage, grab the snacks, load up the car with all the gear, and make sure you don't forget one of the kids at home. It's a lot of work. But it doesn't end there.
You still have to get to your final destination. And if that means taking any kind of public transportation, there is a whole new set of rules that need to be followed. We all know kids can be quite the little rebels. So what if they just won't cooperate? Well, one man on TikTok recently gave his followers an idea, and we're not quite sure what to think.

A viral TikTok video of a baby terrorizing a man on a plane has caused quite a stir.

The video has 7.4 million views, and we're not surprised it has reached that many people. The video is captioned, "I can't believe these parents let their baby do this the entire flight." The quick 14-second clip shows a man on a plane, earbuds in, just trying to enjoy his flight.

We don't know if he is 10 minutes or 10 hours in, but we can tell he's over it. A baby sitting behind him is batting at his ears and pulling on his buds. A voiceover says, "I tried to be nice. What would you do?"

Lots of people would've had something to see if they were on that flight.

The video has 11.5k comments, and people were shook. They couldn't believe that anyone would let their kid act like that. Some suggested he take the passive aggressive route. "I'd turn around reeeally slowly, make silent eye contact [then] scream, maintaining eye contact with a blank facial expression," someone suggested.

Another person wrote, "Id just look at the kid and say "hey no thanks" like kind of nice but firm and look at the parents. If that doesn't work be more direct."

And others would've just shut it down. "I would have yelled 😅at the kid AND the parents. My patience would've worn out after 20min, call flight attendant then war if they do nothing 😂" someone else commented.

The video had some people's radars up, though.

This baby is pretty cute and seems really comfortable with this man. Maybe they know each other?

"looks like him ?" one person asked.

"The resemblance is strong daddy," another person commented.

"Good looking kid, how do people not see he looks just like you? lol," someone else joked.

We launched our own investigation.

For the sake of journalistic integrity, we decided to go all in on the @bdfagan TikTok account and see what we could find. The account belongs to Brian and Amanda Fagan. The tagline reads "Just tryna keep my sons outta jail #TheTwinz."

After scrolling their page, we found a pair of cute twin boys, but their hair was too dark and they looked a tad too old. But after creeping a bit longer, we found a third child, and this guy looked pretty darn close to the pestering passenger on the plane.

We're willing to bet that kid is his.

Brian, you'd be a perfect guest on Maury Povich. We are pretty sure he'd say, "You are the father." Funny joke you made there.

What a proud dad you must be! You've got some cute boys. And good for you for keeping that little tyke occupied on that flight.

He was happy as could be, and the people around him were probably happy too because he was so well-behaved. Pro tip: Keep those earbuds handy. You might want them again in a couple of years when he can incessantly ask, "Are we there yet?"

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