‘Inflation Is Crazy’: Shopper Shares What $70 Gets You At Walmart

While the rate of inflation has mostly slowed, prices don’t seem to be going down. Nowhere is this more apparent than at the grocery store, where many buyers are facing higher than expected costs at checkout.

Recently, a TikToker went viral after claiming that the price of eggs at Walmart doubled in just two months. Now, another user has reached similar virality after showing what shoppers spending $70 at Walmart can expect to get with their budget.

In a video with over 988,000 views, TikToker Joo (@joo2j) shows his Walmart shopping cart that has less than 15 items.

“This is what $70 gets you at Walmart,” he says, revealing his cart. “Yup, that’s it.”

“Inflation is crazy,” text overlay on the video reads.

In the comment section, some users expressed genuine disbelief, saying that they can stretch $70 much further than Joo.

“More like 25-30,” one user wrote.

“No chance that’s 70,” another added.

However, others quickly retorted that the cost of Joo’s items might genuinely add up to $70.

“For the people saying this isn’t 70$ worth.. tell me you don’t grocery shop without telling me!!” a commenter said.

“Fact!!!!!! Thank you for sharing,” a second agreed.

“I hear u . I just spent 170 at kroger and 180 at Sam’s for 2 weeks,” a third claimed.

While some users suggested that Joo shop at cheaper stores or take advantage of couponing, others simply shared their dismay at America’s current high prices.

“Honestly even the dollar store is charging Hella for food items,” a commenter wrote.

“How is anyone supposed to live anymore?” another user questioned. “The gap between the rich and the poor is growing.”

“Being a college student is rough right now I have to take loan money out just so I can buy food,” a third added. “Working part time isn’t enough.”

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