Man's 1993 Toyota Corolla Hits Two Million Kilometre Milestone

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A man's 1993 Toyota Corolla has clocked up more than 2,000,000km - and he is not done driving it just yet!

Graeme Hebley, 72, purchased the Corolla in 2000 when it only a mere 80,000 kilometers on the odometer, but he soon ensured that number shot up, per the Daily Mail.

Hebley worked as a newspaper delivery contractor, which helped him pile on the mileage to his workhorse of a vehicle.

Six days a week he will drive from Wellington to New Plymouth and back as his job takes him across New Zealand. The drive takes four hours and 45 minutes each way.

Graeme Hebley bought the car in 2000 and it's still running ­čĄ» See more >>

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This means his reliable companion of a car travels over 5,000km per week - and it's doing all of this on the original engine and transmission that came with the car when he bought it!

Hebley clearly dotes on his Corolla - which could probably be seen as his co-worker and friend at this point - and he gets it serviced every fortnight to ensure everything is in running order.

Speaking to the New Zealand Herald, mechanic John Sherman confirmed the impressive amount of distance covered after servicing the car.

He said: "If I hadn't worked on it, I wouldn't believe it. I wouldn't believe it could do two million without something going wrong."

Sherman went on to say that this is the most distance he has ever seen a car cover in his career, stating that in second place was a vehicle with 700,000km, which seems like nothing compared to Hebley's mighty Corolla.

The mechanic believes that the type of vehicle mixed with Hebley's determination to look after his car as well as frequently getting it serviced is the reason for its long life.

Hebley has no plans to retire the car (or himself) just yet. He said: "How could you not love this car? Whatever you do, it just bounces back. The car might outlast me at this point."
A 1990 Toyota Corolla similar to Hebley's. Credit: Matteo Omied / Alamy
The car clocked the impressive milestone in March of this year, and it doesn't look like it has any intention of slowing down just yet.

As for the history of the vehicle, Hebley says: "Apparently it was used to deliver chippies in Tokyo before I got it."

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