‘He Takes The Package And Drives Away!’: Customer Says Walmart Delivery Driver Stole Apple Watch She Purchased

A woman went viral on TikTok after sharing a story of how an Apple Watch she ordered through Walmart was purportedly stolen by her delivery driver.

User Gina (@_damnitgina) says she happened to be taking the trash out when she witnessed the driver snap a photo of the package in question, to “prove” that he delivered it, before walking off with the item.

In the clip, Gina shows a screenshot of the blurry photo the delivery driver had sent as proof of delivery.

“This man takes a picture. I watch him, I’m right here, I’m right in like, the side area,” she says, pointing to the gate in the photo. “So this man leaves the package right there on the gate on the sidewalk.”

However, she says that once she began to walk over to pick up the package, she saw the man take the package.

“Why does this man take it?” she asks, incredulous. “He takes the package and drives away! He took my package back. Apparently, he didn’t see me but like…what?”

Gina says she was confused as to what she should do in this situation, as the driver provided “proof” that they delivered the package. She didn’t know how to go about filing a claim with Walmart to let them know that the big-ticket item was effectively stolen by her driver.

The TikToker decided to message a customer service representative about the issue, and she showed a screenshot of their conversation in the clip

“I just watched my delivery driver ‘deliver’ my item, take a picture of it on the sidewalk and then take it, what do I do?” she wrote in the chat.

The representative said he was going to look into the order details and refund Gina immediately if the driver had taken her item.

Gina says in a follow-up video that the customer service representative was unable to get her a refund, as the Apple Watch was over the “refund threshold.” In order to get a refund, she had to get transferred to an “account review team.”

However, she closed the chat prematurely and lost her chance at that time to be transferred to the account review team. The next morning, Gina says she called customer service, who agreed to send her a new Apple Watch.

The TikToker claims the Walmart representative told her the delivery driver would be fired.

“I just know Terrence just got a really nice watch for Christmas,” she says about the driver. “I don’t know about his job though, so good luck, homie.”

Gina’s initial video has received over 270,000 views. In the comments, several viewers asked why she didn’t accost the driver at the moment. In her second video, Gina notes that the package was delivered late at night, so she didn’t feel safe confronting him.

Several other commenters said they’ve faced similar situations with Walmart delivery.

“I have had Walmart drivers steal my groceries twice !!!!!! They take a pic of mail box or front porch but then steal – they take 7 days to refund you,” one user wrote.

“Same happened to me on Sunday with a hoverboard. Those delivery drivers have some nerve,” another said.

“I had some groceries delivered and dropped of took a picture then picked it back up. I called Walmart so fast they gave me my money back,” a third added.

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