‘I Literally Cannot Make This Sh*t Up’: Walmart Employee Delivers Customer’s Barbie Doll In The Middle Of The Woods

It is not uncommon for customers to open their doors and find nothing there after receiving a notification that their online order was delivered. Often, the order is simply at a neighbor’s door. However, one woman on TikTok went viral for sharing the unusual location her order was dropped off.

TikTok user Em (@em.kay27) made a series of videos hunting down a Barbie doll she ordered from Walmart. The employee who delivered the item took a photo of where it was dropped off; however, the photo showed a sliver of the two miles of woods leading to Em’s house.

“That bag with one item, one Barbie doll, could be anywhere on my road,” she explains in the video. “So here I am driving up and down my road trying to match [the] picture to the scenery to see where this package … may be.”

“Why can’t my life just be easy?” Em writes in the caption.

After promising to keep users updated, Em posted a second video of her continued search for the doll. She explains that her hunt wasn’t about the money. She simply wanted to know where the doll could be.

At this point, the creator began to look for the doll on foot. She explains that the driver, named Janelle, didn’t contact her during dropoff and that she cannot call to inquire where the doll is because the driver’s phone number is out of service.

“Janelle…I’m going to need you to do a little better,” she says.

Em says she tried to contact her local Walmart for some sort of help, but no one answered the phone. Later on, she updated that she still had not found the Barbie.

One user commented that they were “invested” in the hunt and that Em’s viewers needed “closure,” which prompted Em to provide another update.

“Barbie has still not been located. Poor thing, she’s probably going through it today because it is freezing and it’s been raining all day,” she says. After failing to get in contact with her local Walmart again, Em called corporate and was issued a refund.

“My whole thing is that this driver either stole the Barbie, or threw it somewhere random, or delivered it to the wrong house,” she says. “Basically, she can’t do her job. … That’s the frustrating part.”

Em continued to explain that the refund is likely the only closure viewers will have, but she remained determined to find the doll.

In the next update, Em’s sister joined the search for Barbie, but the duo still returned home empty-handed.

“I believe the Barbie story has come to an end,” the caption reads. “As said in part 3, I am getting a refund, but I really wanted to find the dang thing.”

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