‘I Thought This Was Basic Training For The Military’: Worker Films Boss At U-Haul Yelling At Staff

A user on TikTok has gone viral after posting a video that purports to show their former boss at U-Haul yelling at the staff.

In a video with over 994,000 views, TikTok user Brit (@britneystudio) showed a man sitting at a table yelling at a group of alleged U-Haul employees.

“Try me!” the man yelled. “I’ll fucking do anything, and run all of you in fucking circles. Every single one of you! Let’s try it! I’ve got no fucking problem. I don’t back down to no one.”

Brit later posted a video that provided greater context to the situation.

In the video, the boss referred to an incident in which employees apparently fought each other. Still yelling, he called the decision to fight “bullshit” and “childish.”

“Is it going to make you feel that much better to punch him in the fucking face?” he asked, seemingly to one of the employees involved in the fight.

By the second follow-up video, the mood calmed considerably. While there was still shouting, a discussion had begun about the events and how to prevent them in the future.

After viewing the first video, many users on TikTok were taken aback.

“Bruh i literally thought this was basic training for the military,” one user wrote.

“Great leadership,” another added sarcastically. “notice no one is looking at him it means they’re [not caring] bout your words tough guy.”

“What a tiny bit of power to let go to your head,” a third commented. “Manager of U-Haul talking like a drill instructor.”

The comments under the follow-up videos have a significantly different tone, however.

“The context was definitely necessary,” reads one highly-favorited comment.

“This is a perfect example on waiting for full context, cause that part 1 gave people other impressions,” a second echoed.

Some suddenly became supportive of the boss.

“Ay thats the type of leader lots of young people need! over half my generation had no guidance we aint got big homies,” one commenter praised.

Others, however, were still critical of his tone.

“Even with context it’s still not ok,” one user wrote. “anyone acting like that at work should be fired not this silly ass convo.”

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