‘Lol It’s Going To Be Slow A Lot During Holiday Season The Married Men Are At Home’: Twin Peaks Worker Shares Reality Of Working There During Holiday Season

From decreased hours to low staff numbers, the holidays can be a hit or miss for the restaurant industry. In a viral TikTok, Tikara Bonaventure (@tikara_b) shares that her new job as a server at Twin Peaks isn’t living up to what others have said about the position.

“When TikTok said you’ll be making [money] when you work at Twin Peaks but in reality I’m barely going home with $40,” text overlay reads.

Bonaventure lipsyncs to a TikTok sound that asks, “What’s wrong now?…What is it?” with crying in the background. The creator shook her guest check folder to emphasize the lack of funds.

The TikTok reached over 87,000 views by of Dec. 21, with commenters guessing why business is slower than usual.

“Lol it’s going to be slow a lot during holiday season the married men are at HOME,” one user said.

“Girl it’s slow everywhere wait til March,” another commented.

“People really don’t talk about how holiday szn be the worst,” a third said.

However, other servers assured Bonaventure that things would “pick back up” eventually.

“All restaurants slow down around the holidays bc people are tryna save. just wait till it gets hot outside,” a commenter wrote.

“Bby this is our slow season it’ll pick back up,” another wrote.

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