‘You’re Gonna Regret Asking For That Many’: Subway Fulfills Customer’s Request For ‘Extra Extra Extra Tomatoes’

When one asks for “extra” ingredients on their sandwich at Subway, it’s difficult to know just how much extra they’re actually going to get. While asking for extra turkey may result in one or two more slices of meat, requesting more of other ingredients can lead to a sandwich overwhelmed by a single topping, as TikTok user Holli (@hollilambirth7) recently discovered.

In a video with over 608,000 views, Holli says that she requested “extra extra extra tomatoes” on her sandwich. When she actually unwrapped the sandwich, she discovered just how extra those extra tomatoes can be.

“You can see the red while unwrapping,” the person recording Holli’s sandwich reveal says. “That bitch is thick.”

Holli then unveils a sandwich chock full of tomatoes, and she erupts into laughter.

“Yeah, you can definitely put too many potatoes,” the person recording adds. “Or, tomatoes!”

In comments, many users said that they wished their requests for extra ingredients were respected as much as Holli’s.

“The amount of olives I want when I tell subway ‘extra olives,’” wrote one user.

“Why can’t they be this way with the pickles,” asked another. “They are always so stingy.”

“I get extra meat. I tell them I want my sub to look like it does on tv,” added a third.

Some speculated as to why this may have happened.

“I used to work at subway and I’ve done this multiple times,” claimed a commenter. “you can bet customers stop asking for to much.”

“If I had someone ask for more. [Then] more, [then] more, I’m definitely putting the whole container we have on the sandwich,” shared a second.

“If you say extra more than twice i’m gonna assume you want an ungodly amount,” stated a further TikToker.

For her part, Holli seems enthusiastic about Subway’s decision to include this many tomatoes, as she expressed in an Instagram DM.

“Usually we go in and I have to ask twice for more tomatoes, so when we ordered online this time I wrote in the comments ‘extra extra extra tomatoes on the club pleaseeeee’ and when we showed up to pick them up the workers were like ‘Hopefully that’s enough tomatoes for you! You’re gonna regret asking for that many!’” she recalled. “I regret nothing. I LOVE tomatoes.”

She also claims to have eaten the sandwich while only removing a few tomato slices.

“It was a beautiful sandwich. I took a few off and ate them by themselves but I left a lot on the sandwich,” she wrote.

Holli concluded by thanking the workers at her local Subway. “It was a perfect sandwich,” she said.

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