Tiktok 'Time Traveller' Warns ‘Hostile Aliens That Built The Pyramids’ Will Soon Be Back

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A self-dubbed time traveler has warned us all that Christmas day will hold big revelations about alien life and how they allegedly built the Ancient Egyptian pyramids.

Many of us share a great fascination with life in outer space and hope one day to find out once and for all whether or not we are alone in the universe.

But maybe alien life is closer to home than we think. A popular conspiracy theory, as confirmed by National Geographic, is that aliens built the ancient pyramids.

The astronomical configuration of the pyramids is said to align with the stars in Orion's belt, and conspiracy theorists claim this proves extraterrestrial life.
Pyramid's in Egypt. Credit: Paul Brown / Alamy
Other theories claim that the size of the stones and how well-preserved the monuments remain today are beyond what humans would be capable of in ancient history... not taking into account preservation work done throughout history obviously.

Well, a self-dubbed time-traveler on TikTok has claimed that on Christmas day the US Government will reveal that aliens did indeed build the pyramids.

TikTok is full of time-travelers nowadays because that is the natural place for someone with the ability to travel through space and time to go, and user @timevoyaging is no different.

In a recent video, they made some shocking claims. Such as: "On December 25, 2022, the US Government reveals the pyramids were made by aliens."

The account even goes as far as to mention the new species by name: "The Distants are a species of hostile aliens who are trying to 'command' the galaxy.

"They put the pyramids on each planet that they take over, if the planet has other life. When they eventually come back to our planet, they will start the First War of Earth."

Well, it seems like we should enjoy this Christmas because apparently, we are about to go to war with a species that has the ability to travel through space.

Viewers aren't convinced, however, with one saying: "The pyramids were made by the people of that region who had extensive knowledge of mathematics and engineering."

A second person added: "I wonder what will the ancient Egyptians would say to this," which seems like a fair point.

Buckle in everyone, The Distants are coming... or maybe not.

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