‘Don’t Be Surprised If You Show Up To The Meeting, HR Is Present, And They Terminate You’: Tiktoker Shares Sign You Are About To Be Terminated ‘Out Of The Blue’

Many TikTokers have gone viral for sharing workplace tips like company red flags or signs that a workplace is trying to “manage” out employees. Recently, another TikToker has gone viral for posting a video about one of the signs that an employee is about to be terminated “out of the blue.”

The video was uploaded by TikTok user Craig (@craigleveyesq), an employment attorney who mainly posts job advice.

“If you get an email from your supervisor at work, totally out of the blue, saying they want to have a one-on-one meeting with you in five minutes and they provide you with no context or agenda, don’t be surprised if you show up to the meeting, HR is present, and they terminate you,” he said.

Craig added in the caption that, “This is happening more and more lately.”

The video garnered over 309,000 views as of Wednesday. In the comments section, many viewers shared that they were fired exactly as Craig described.

“After 23 yrs I got a call at 6p from my supervisor w/HR on the line, immediate termination…23 years…. A phone call. But I’m doing great—been 2 mons,” one viewer shared.

“This happened to me in April when I worked for the Illinois lottery. The manager schedule a meeting on her day off and HR was there,” a second stated.

“That happened to me after being there for 5 years lol on a Friday right after I got back from vacation,” a third commented.

One user claimed that such behavior is a sign of a toxic workplace, writing, “It likely isn’t totally out of the blue. Toxic workplaces operate like this. Workplaces that care about their employees don’t treat people like this.”

Other viewers shared that they had also been pulled into meetings with their supervisor, but they were surprised with something other than termination.

“This has happened to me multiple times and it was just my boss asking me to help with something lol,” one viewer revealed.

“Last week HR called me into her office. I sat down immediately sweating bullets. She just wanted to get me into [physical therapy for my carpal tunnel],” a second commented.

“Happened to me and it was a bonus tho. I literally walked in and started crying they were like wait what’s wrong,” a third wrote.

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