Teen Born Without Arms Overcomes Fear By Landing 1st Box Jump.

We put limitations on ourselves when the fear of failure grows stronger than our will to succeed. That’s why we all need a push to help us reach further than we ever thought possible.
That is the purpose of NubAbility Athletics Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to getting “limb different” youth — kids who are congenital or traumatic amputees — “out of the stands, off the bench, and into mainstream sports.” The organization holds camps around the country, pairing kids and coaches with similar limb differences to help them reach their full physical potential.

Tim, who was born without arms, certainly didn’t believe he could pull off a 20-inch box jump before he joined. This month, the 14-year-old participated in the weight-lifting and training program at a camp in Duquoine, Illinois — where he achieved something amazing.

In a video uploaded to Twitter by Brad Vinyard, we see Tim’s coaches encouraging him to jump onto a box. With no arm strength, it seems like a daunting task. While Tim pushes through his self-doubt and jumps, he still holds back on his first two tries and doesn’t stick the landing.

Then, one of the coaches slams her hands onto the box, yelling, “All the people who told you you can’t — right here, jump on them. Now!” This time, Tim puts all his energy into the jump. Still, it isn’t enough to make it all the way onto the box.

Understandably, Tim grows frustrated and turns away as if to give up. But he’s not done yet.

Tim turns back to the box with a look of pure determination, bends his knees… and launches himself onto the box!

As his coaches cheer him on, the victorious teen jumps down and straight into his motivator’s arms, overcome with emotion at what he just achieved. That day, Tim learned he is capable of so much more than he knew.

Tim is living proof that we can all achieve greatness, no matter our limitations. All we have to do is keep trying. Never give up, and never let the word “can’t” hold you back! Watch and be inspired as Tim lands the tough move in the clip below, and share with anyone who could use some motivation!

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