‘They Still Won’t Let Us Close’: Taco Bell Employee Says Chicken, Beef, And Nacho Cheese Are Out Of Stock

The end of the workday is hard for any restaurant. No matter how much a restaurant plans, it’s almost inevitable that a location will run out of something.

However, it can be surprising just how many items are out of stock by the end of the day. In a video with over 324,000 views, TikToker Jason (@gay4jaciee) details just how many items their Taco Bell location was out of after a long day.

In the video, Jason can be seen wearing a headset.

“Hi, before I take your order I do want to inform you that we are all out of chicken, we are all out of beef, we are all out of nacho cheese, and we can’t make anything Supreme,” the TikToker appears to tell a drive-thru customer.

As many users in comments noted, the number of items available at Taco Bell without these ingredients is fairly limited.

“What y’all selling then? Just sodas and slushies?” asked a commenter.

“Cheese quesadilla it is then i guess friend,” shared a second.

“Alright let me just get a shell,” joked a third.

“So you’re saying you’re all out of TACO BELL,” summarized a further TikToker.

While many users advised the location to simply close, others claimed that this was likely not possible in Jason’s situation.

“Anyone saying just close ain’t never worked in food service. You can’t,” stated a user. “Management will make you stay open to sell what’s available.”

“Had a district manager tell me one time to just sell bean burritos, but stay open. I feel you,” recalled another.

“The place I work at we could only have 3 things left and they still won’t let us close,” claimed an additional TikToker. “A bbq restaurant need more than fries n sides, come on noww.”

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