Strangers See Barefoot Child Waving Them Down, Then Follow Her Back Into The Woods

In August 2015, Angela was driving home with her 5-year-old daughter Lexi and 10-week-old son Peter when she fell asleep at the wheel. Their SUV plunged over the steep 40-foot embankment in the Canadian Rockies.
Angela was knocked unconscious, and that's when little Lexi did the unthinkable. The sound of Peter's cries was all she needed to become a young hero.

This courageous child unbuckled her car seat, pulled herself from the smashed vehicle, climbed up the embankment with her bare feet, and began waving down cars until someone stopped.

An observant couple happened to be passing by at just the right time. They saw the determined and barefoot girl all alone and knew to pull over immediately.

Watch the video and meet Lexi, the youngest person to ever receive a bronze medal from the Royal Canadian Humane Society.

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