‘With A Drive Thru This Would Be Hell’: Starbucks Tests Single-serve Coffee Brewers, Sparking Debate

Beginning in March of 2022, Starbucks launched testing on a new way to brew single-serve coffee at select locations using Clover Vertica. T2 Starbucks (@starbuckst2), a TikTok account, shared how the machine works with its followers after a user suggested a video on it.

“Holy shit and you have the new brewer?? That’s so cool. We don’t have it yet lol. U should make a video on it,” the user commented.

The T2 Starbucks location is in the airport as the brewer is expected to be of better use in lobby-based Starbucks. Meaning, there isn’t a drive-thru.

In the video, which has over 35,000 views, an employee showed off the brewer.

“So, this thing over here, they…gave it to our store so we can try it to see how it actually works,” he says in the clip.

The employee further explains that once you pick the coffee bean you’d like to use, you put it into the port at the top of the brewer. Once the blend is picked, the employee uses a knob specifically curated to the sizes at Starbucks and presses a button to begin brewing.

“It’s easy…and all you gotta do is just wait,” he says as he sits next to the machine. “If ya’ll stores don’t have this, I don’t care, period. We number one here.”

The employee notes that even though it’s a machine, the coffee is still freshly brewed.

Users in the comments section pointed out the benefits and disadvantages of the machine.

“This sounds cool for a lobby only store but any with a drive thru this would be hell,” one user commented.

The TikToker responded, saying, “No, facts. You would have to slide that in the routine so smooth but then it’s LOUD if your DTO corner is small.”

“I love that this reduces waste from having to dump them every cycle,” another shared.

“This has pros and cons but I can definitely see the cons outweighing the pros,” a third user said.

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